Favorite Snack/Breakfast Parfait

I try to do protein shakes packed with frozen berries and spinach for breakfast, but other days I just want solid food! Sometimes it’s a brown rice cake with PB/almond butter and a banana to fuel my morning, but other days it’s this fruit parfait. It also makes an amazing snack!

I used to make it exclusively with greek yogurt, but now I alternate between using my fage 0% and between using a low fat cottage cheese. Both are high in protein but cottage cheese has a special slow-release type of protein in it that maintains satiety and muscle building!

My favorite fruit to use for this are blueberries, strawberries, and peaches, but I also have been know to use plums and blackberries. Wash and chop! I like to place a layer of fruit at the bottom, my dairy protein in the middle, and more fruit on top! I put my crunchies either below or above the last fruit layer.

This is versatile, but my fav combo is chia seeds and salted sunflower seeds for my crunch layer. Almonds, flax seeds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds are awesome too. High in protein, fiber, and omegas, this snack/breakfast has staying power! Besides it tastes like a delicious treat. Top with some cocoa powder or dark chocolate chunks for an amazing dessert. Simple and beautiful!








My Every Day Bomb Stir Fry

Also known as my “pseudo-asian-confusion-concoction” 🙂

This is my go to meal, has been for years, so healthy, so filling, so good!!!

I have been known to serve it over rice, over soba, over quinoa, over buckwheat meal, and over oatmeal; these are good for a saucy version, though a drier version you could serve sans-grain.

I make all kinds of variations of this, but the key ingredients are:

-sweet potato
-firm tofu
-chinese eggplant
-a green veggie (baby bok choy is my longstanding fav, though spinach, broccoli, green beans, kale, cabbage have also been utilized. feel free to use more than one green veggie, your body will be very happy)

The sauce I add about halfway in by adding them to the pan with some water consists of:

-soy sauce
-dijon mustard
-crushed red pepper (or sometimes sriracha sauce)
-peanut butter

I have made it sans-PB for the nut free in my life, but the peanut butter gives it a rich creamy hearty element that I strongly recommend if you are not allergic! One photo shows my plate with a little glob of PB on the side, as I had made it without, but mixed it into my own plate! The amounts I use are not measured at all, but roughy 1 tsp of the honey and mustard and crushed red pepper, and 1 tbs each of soy sauce and pb. The water is about 1/2 cup and it kinda steams the veggies towards the end of cooking.

This is a one pan recipe, that leaves lots of room for experimentation, though the major concept is to cook the veggies in the order of their “hardness” so that the veggies come out the right texture at the same time. I do it like this:

Heat about 1TBS olive oil or coconut oil over medium heat. Sauté about 4 cloves garlic. Chop a whole sweet potato (or half if very large) into 1/8 in slivers/coins that can also be cut in half to form thin half moon shapes. Throw into the pan and sauté for 5+ minutes until starting to get a little tender. Chop 1/2 package of firm or extra firm tofu into cubes. I like making mine into thick rectangles about 2x1x1/2 inch thick. Press in a cloth to remove extra moisture. Add to the pan and fry on two sides until light brown and a little crisp. Then I add the eggplant, cut just like the sweet potato except into about 1/4 in coins, then chopped mushrooms. Sauté, adding water and sauce ingredients at this point, stirring in everything well. Lastly I add my green veggie, very last for spinach, for baby bok choy, I cut the green tendrils apart from the firmer white part of the veggie, and add the white part for a few minutes prior to adding the soft green pieces. Remove from heat when veggies are the tenderness you desire. Serve over grain of choice, and save extras to pack for a satisfying lunch!