Superfood Oat Bars

Taste like cookies, pack some protein, soluable fiber, omegas, and are gluten free, vegan, and no added sugar!

Preheat oven to 375, spray a pan (approx 13x9in) with olive oil or alternative spray and set aside.

-Mash 4 overripe banannas until nearly liquid.
-Add 2-3Tbs nutbutter or alternative (i used almond butter, i’m sure sunbutter would be great too)
-Then mix in 2 scoops protein powder of choice (can be vegan or whey based, i used a graham cracker flavor)
-1.5cup gluten free oats
-2tbs chia seeds
-2tbs flax seeds
-2tbs slivered almonds
– handful dried cranberries
-chopped organic dark chocolate bar (at least 70%) to taste
-1tbs vanilla
-1tbs cinnamon

Mix together, turn in to the pan, and bake approx 30-40min depending on your oven, until edges start to brown. Let cool, cut into squares, and enjoy!!

These are so good and so good for you!










Green Thai Curry

Another take on my favorite stir fry. Not as rich as the curry I order at Thai restaurants, but a lighter take for sure. A bit tangier too, yumm!

1/2 onion
2tbs garlic
1/2 eggplant
3tbs liquid aminos
1/2 lemon
1/2 can coconut milk
Crushed red pepper
1/2 package of tofu
Baby Bok choy

Similar to my bomb stir fry, saute garlic and onions in olive oil or oil of choice. Pan fry tofu cut into 1in cubes. Add sliced eggplant and mushrooms, sautéing. Then add aminos, lemon, spices, coconut milk, and a dash of water. Cut bok choy adding harder stalk pieces first and then the green soft parts at the end. Sautee until veggies are soft to your liking, serve over grain of choice! I love to do a medley, combining rice/quinoa/oats/buckwheat/flax, up to you!







More every day bomb stir fry pics…

See past entry for recipe, I make this one a lot with a variety of veggies. This one day I had baby bok choy and an assortment of colored potatoes instead of my usual sweet potatoes. The colors were so wonderful, I had to take some pics 🙂 I make this recipe at least once a week with some modifications. Another day I made black rice 2 parts rice to 1 part green lentils as my base to serve the stir fry over. The yellow cubes of tofu got their color from using a combination of apple cider vinegar, liquid aminos, tumeric, and mustard powder for seasoning and cooked out separate from the rest of the veggies. The rest of the veggies were cooked with my usual peanut sauce, recipe on my original bomb stir fry recipe page….








Fall Apple Crisp!

(This would also make a fabulous pear/peach/plum crisp, in place of apples)

Fall is here, and time to bust out the cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice! I love this dessert because it requires exactly zero added sugar of any kind, zero gluten, and zero guilt. Full of wholesome ingredients and some superfoods, feel free to eat half the pan!

You will need:
4-5 apples, your choice (I used Granny Smith)
2 overripe bananas
1Tbs vanilla (i used bourbon vanilla extract)
1tsp pumpkin pie spice (optional)
2Tbs or so of cinnamon, to taste (I like lots)

for the crisp:
2Tbs almond butter, melted (or sunbutter for nut-free)
1Tbs grass fed butter, melted (optional, subs coconut oil for vegan)
2 Tbs chia seeds
2Tbs flax seeds
2Tbs slivered almonds (optional)
1/2 cup gluten free oats
dash of salt (optional, i omit if just cooking for us)

Preheat to 350, chop apples into small chunks, 1/2 in max
mash both bananas, then mix in apples, vanilla and spices.
Spray pan with non-stick spray of choice.
Fold apple mix into pan.
Then melt your butters, combine remaining ingredients and knead together to make a crumble. Sprinkle over top of apples, and bake uncovered for approx 30minutes, till topping begins to crisp and apples are soft.

Enjoy ala mode, or with cottage cheese as I did, because we didn’t have ice cream, and I’m trying to increase my protein intake, haha!