Seared Tuna Steaks

Well, I did not take too many pics of this one, raw meat is gross to me, and well, this wasn’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever made. I don’t eat much meat of any kind, and am very clueless about preparing it, but my guy is a carnivore. Fish is one meat we can agree on, so here I started. We had 2 frozen tuna steaks, nearly an inch thick!! Difficult to cook through being so thick! Since this wasn’t fresh sushi grade, I wasn’t comfortable leaving the middle rare, so this recipe is to cook it through, without it becoming dry and tough!!

I thawed the steaks in the fridge overnight, then made up the marinade this morning. So they marinaded in the fridge for about 12 hours, but you could do much less.

Put the steaks in a gallon size ziplock bag.
Mix in a bowl:
-vinegar of choice (i used coconut vinegar) about 1/4cup
-soy sauce of choice (I used liquid aminos) about 1/4cup
– 1 tbs honey
-1/2 tbs siracha sauce
-1tsp olive oil

Pour this mixture over the steaks

Place into the bag:
-garlic to taste (I actually just threw in about 6 whole cloves of garlic)
-1inch of fresh ginger chopped
-1 whole shallot or about 1/4 onion chopped

Shake it around and marinate for 1-12 hours!

Time to cook them!

Turn your stove on medium/high heat. You want it pretty hot to sear the tuna. Place about 1-2 tbs pure sesame oil in skillet/pan and heat the oil until a flick of water would make it pop and sputter.

Then place the tuna steaks in the pan, moving them around briefly to make sure they don’t stick, the dump the marinade and veggies into the pan.

I seared them about 4 minutes on each side, careful not to burn them. IF you use sushi grade tuna, this is where you can stop, with a raw center! But what I did instead, is reduced the heat to low, added about 1/2cup water, covered my pan, and simmered low for about 15minutes. You want to check frequently enough to make sure it is just cooked and not overcooked. The fish will start to flake apart as it becomes cooked and you can peek inside to see how pink it remains.

I recommend serving over arugula or your favorite greens and eating some fresh avocado on the side! I also had black olives in my salad. Take out the ginger, but otherwise enjoy the cooked veggies from the pan with you salad-topped-with-tuna, the whole cloves of garlic became soft and buttery 🙂




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