Chicken Soup

Tis the season for colds and chicken soup. Ginger gives this recipe a spicy sweet tangy kick.

I used:
-Two 32oz containers organic free range chicken broth (subs for veggie broth for vegan)
-1 large sweet potato chopped
-1/2 onion
-mushrooms, sliced
-1/2 can chick peas
-large handful baby carrots chopped
-3 stalks celery chopped
-4-6 cloves garlic halved
-2tbs grated ginger
-crushed red pepper
-black pepper
-1/2 lemon
-sprig cilantro

This was the easy/lazy way, as I was not feeling well, but the “real” way would be to use a whole chicken to make the broth. Mine had no actual chicken in it, thus the chick peas for added protein. So comforting though.

Sauté the onions, garlic and ginger for 3-5 min over medium heat in a large pot/saucepan. Add the broth, then the chopped veggies and spices to taste, and simmer for 20min until desired softness of the veggies. Add chick peas towards the end to heat. Garnish with fresh lemon and cilantro. Enjoy!









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