Good For You Chocolate Milkshake! (Vegan, dairy-free)

Oh yeah, this is SO delicious, so the perfect amount of sweetness, (which to me is not terribly sweet– most of our american foods are crazy sweet). So super creamy and satisfying! A punch of superfood greens that you don’t even taste, only natural fruit sugar, and healthy fats. Truly you don’t see or taste the green healthy ingredients, but only creamy chocolate goodness! And did you know that avocado is fabulous for glowing skin? This is delicious and even more so with a crumble of gluten free chocolate chip cookie garnish 🙂

Adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie. I highly recommend her E-book via amazon, for vegan healthified versions of all your favorite indulgent desserts!

Simply blend on high:
1/4 large avocado
1 cup almond milk, unsweetened
2tbs cocoa powder
1 date
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1tsp vanilla
pinch salt
4 ice cubes
1 scoop macrogreens (or other superfood powder)

Enjoy! Serve to your non-health-food-eating friends and family, they won’t guess how healthy this is 🙂






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