Tropical Sunrise Smoothie

Bright and refreshing to start your day right! I made this on a Friday morning towards the end of a looong week. I just needed something bright and happy, something that gave me that happy vacation feel to get my day started out right! This did the trick perfectly 🙂

1 cup water or even better, coconut water!
1 banana
1.5 cup raw carrots
2 cutie tangerines (or an orange)
1/2 lemon juiced
12 oz frozen papaya mango pineapple mix
1 tsp vanilla
(optional) vanilla protein powder of choice*

serves 2

Blend on high, that’s it.

Looks like a cream sickle!

Top with shredded coconut and/or cinnamon!

*Vega tasted great, but will darken the color a bit because it contains greens in it; the brighter orange photos was using Soylent










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