Vegan Vanilla Bean Pudding!!

Oh my yum!!! And with extra protein to boot! Tastes nothing like tofu, just creamy vanilla goodness! I am not someone who gets excited about non-chocolate desserts, I mean, without the chocolate, what’s the point, right?  But this pudding is the exception!  It tastes like summer, like warmth, like life’s simple pleasures ūüôā For that occasion when you want something that tastes oh-so comforting, satisfying, and pure.

1 12oz container Mori-Nu extra firm silken tofu
2 TBs melted coconut butter
1TBS vanilla extract
1 dash cinnamon
3 dates soft
1 5mm piece (1/2 pinkie nail) of Madagascar vanilla bean (trader joe’s!)

Blend and enjoy!! Firms up in the fridge extra thick, but delicious right away too!! Top with berries for a beautiful treat! mmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm!!









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