Roasted Veggies and Grits

This southern girl loooves her some grits. Did you know you can cook them in a rice cooker? I simply added some salt and cooked it in the brown rice setting!  I love that grits are a traditional breakfast cereal (hot), but that they are usually served savory, not sweet (cheese grits anyone??)!  Well, if you can have shrimp and grits, I say you can have roasted veggies and grits, and boy was I right! The veggies I made nice and soft in a crock pot.  Too easy! More simple real foods that I love 🙂
All you need:

1cup dry white grits

2 cups water

1/2 tsp salt

1 zuccini

1/2 butternut squash

(other veggies encouraged: mushrooms, red bell pepper, broccolini…..)

1/2 cup veggie broth/stock
Place salt, water, and grits in rice cooker and cook on brown rice setting.

Meanwhile wash and cut veggies, placing in crock pot with broth. Cook on highly for approx 1 hour or until veggies are soft to your liking.
Then simply serve grits into a bowl and top with veggies! Garnish with salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!


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