Vegan Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Healthy comfort food? Sound impossible, it is not at all!!  Mashed potatoes are such a satisfying and warm dish. I used to eat instant mashed potatoes replete with sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits as a pre-teen. This was one filling meal I could easily make on my own! I find these childhood comfort foods are still so appealing to me to this day.  This is my grown up version that is way more nourishing but every bit as satisfying 🙂  ENJOY!
You need

Steamed potatoes (4 medium yukon gold)

Steamed clove garlic, steamed whole in its natural pod

1/2 cup mashed chick peas

1/2 cup mashed zuccini

1-2 cups soy milk




lemon garlic powder

Put all ingredients in a bowl and mash away! Add more ir less soy milk to make note or less creamy
Top with avocado, creamy steamed garlic, and steamed greens.

Could also top with some chives or green onion!

creamy yum!!
Serves 2-3


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