Strawberry Summer Squash Salad

I love combining sweet and savory. Herbs and hearty squash with the light and sweetness of ripe strawberries. While we always have great produce in Northern CA, the strawberries are boggling right now 🙂  Getting your greens never felt like such a treat with this salad.

You need:

-3 cups dark leafy greens

-1 cup chopped and steamed starchy veggies; I used white sweet potato and orange kabacho squash

-4 large strawberries chopped

-sliver of red onion and/or bell pepper

-1 large lemon for dressing

-handful walnuts

-1 tbs herbed goat cheese

-salt/pepper/parsley dashes on top
It’s salad, so combine in a bowl 🙂  With the rich flavor of the goat cheese and the herbs, I found lemon juice to be a perfect dressing by itself, (and so portable to take to work in a ziplock and then squeeze before eating) but you could incorporate balsalmic vinegar, olivie oil, etc by drizzing as well.  Enjoy!!


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