Marinaded Tofu/Garbanzo Salad

This is another family recipe, adapted from one sent to me by my Aunt Cheryl. She made this as a shrimp salad, and I just veganized it and tweaked it a bit. Hers with the shrimp though is amazing, I just took what I had at home, and this did not include shrimp!  She actually adapted her recipe from one by her mother in law, who used to make this dish for fabulous parties in NYC!  So fun 🙂  We had the shrimp version with french bread and avocado. I had this version over a bed of mixed greens with green onionand avocado today. So good!

You need:

1 tbs olive oil 

3/4 tbs dijon mustard 

1.5 tbs coconut vinegar

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper

1/8 tsp hot pepper flakes

1 cup celery chopped 

1/8 c. fresh parsley chopped

2 tbs white onion minced

3tbs bell pepper, i used red

1/2 tbs ketchup

8oz tofu

3/4 cup chopped cucumber

1tbs liquid aminos

1tbs green onion

1/2 tbs water

1/2 can chick peas

Cube the tofu and press water out for about 20 minutes. While doing this, chop all your veggies and combine in a large bowl. Mix tofu in with this. In another bowl or cup, combine all herbs/sauces/liquids and whisk together until emulsified. Then pour sauce over tofu/garbanzo/veggies and toss together. The tofu will really soak up the flavor the longer this sits in the fridge, so feel free to marinate up to 24 hrs.

Spicy and tasty! Garnish with green onions and avocado! Serve over lettuce. Play around with the ingredients and enjoy!



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