Giant Waffle Fry of Breakfast 

A grand title, for a grand delight.  

Oh giant waffle fry of breakfast, you have my ❤️.
You need:

Coconut oil spray

Potato of choice (sweet or Yukon gold recommended), pre steamed or microwaved. (i took 2 small yukon golds, put them in the micro until just soft)

Crushed red pepper

Black pepper
+Waffle maker

Place in a hot waffle maker sprayed with coconut oil, press down until flat and leave until “done” light comes on, so the same time it takes to make a waffle in your waffle iron.  Pop out.
Top with avocado and green onion.
Done. Vegan. Real whole foods. Boom.
Let the photos explain the rest, you got this. :DDDD