Homemade California Roll

Every now and then we’ll splurge on some fresh crab at whole foods. Sometimes we just eat it plain, and sometimes there’s some extra with which to experiment. I know it is basic, but I still love a California roll, especially one with real crab.
You need:

-about 3-4 oz fresh crab

-about 2 oz plain Greek yogurt

-1-2 tbs green onion

-Black pepper

-2 seaweed wraps

-1 cup sticky rice of choice (I used a black rice/gf steel cut oat blend– oats make the rice sticky)

-1/4 cucumber slices

-1/4 avocado sliced 
Lay your seaweed sheet on a piece of plastic cling wrap, I put mine on top of a cutting board. 

The only trick I used is a line of water on each end of the nori wrap to help it stick together.

One by one, lay a nori sheet on a piece of plastic wrap (on top of a towel to make easier to handle, without plastic sticking to anything). Spread a layer of rice (actualy optional but recommended) to desired thickness over bottom 1/2 to 3/4 of wrap. Line up veggies/fillings. Spread a line of water (just dip your finer in water (along two ends of the wrap, and roll up, starting at full end and rolling towards empty end.

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