Nom Nom Chicken Tenders

Dip these puppies in some organic ketchup and feel like a kid again 😀 Now that I’m cooking meat in order to meat my protein goals more easily, I’ve had to get creative with my chicken preparation. While I still hate handling raw meat, I’m getting pretty good at some easy yummy chicken recipes for the first time in my life. This is super duper easy and takes me back to comfort food eating back in Nashville. Just need to make a healthy tater tot recipe to go with 😀 These are gluten free.

 This one you need:
About 1.2lb chicken breast tenders

1 egg beaten (or equivalent in egg whites)

For breading simply mix nutritional yeast, cornmeal, oregano, basil, and crushed red pepper
Take your tenders and one by one pat very dry. Then dip in egg whites shaking off any excess and drop into your dry breaking mix. Press firmly into seasoning mix and flip, pressing again firmly so all your crust adheres well to your chicken. Meanwhile preheat oven and spray your foil with coconut oil.

Place breaded tenders on pan and give them a spritz of oil on top for optimal crispy texture. 

Bake at 450F for about 15 minutes, depending on size of tenders. Enjoy! So good. Healthy food that only tastes like junk food 🙂

PS, if you can find this spiced Sir Kensignton ketchup, I highly recommend it with the tenders !!



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