Pumpkin Turkey Meatballs

I know I know, sounds crazy, but honestly, you don’t taste pumpkin, you do taste that your turkey is no longer dry, but nice and moist in texture thanks to the wholesome goodness of 100% pumpkin.  So tasty and so good for you too!

You need:

17 oz very lean ground turkey

1 egg, beaten

3.7oz pumpkin purée (about 1/2can)

1tbs green onions

1tbs ground flaxmeal

1tbs wheat germ

1tsp basil

1tsp oregano

1tsp crushed red pepper

1tsp black pepper

1tsp garlic/onion powder

1/8tsp ground nutmeg
Combine all ingredients well in a large bowl until all spices are well incorporated and form into 17 balls. Then cooking them is up to you.  You can bake on parchment paper (350F for 30min), simmer in marinara sauce, or pan fry.  Serve with black bean noodles or spiralized zuccini or sweet potato noodles for a gluten free, healthy option. They pack really well just baked to take for lunches and even top on salads.


1 serving of 4 meatballs is approx:

118 calories






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