Super Simple Waffles/Pancakes

This is essentially 2 ingredient pancakes. The essentials would be egg, banana, and baking powder makes it fluffier. The rest is added flavoring!  You could use 2 whole eggs per banana, but I used 1 whole egg and some egg whites. Doesn’t get more basic than that. Protein+fruit essentially– nothing processed, no flour, no gluten, nothing to it! Mine turned out a little softer and thinner than typical waffle/pancakes, so I plan to experiment with slightly different egg:banana ratios, or maybe using coconut flour instead of PB2 (or omitting this), or maybe increasing the baking powder. No way to find out but to try. But these were delicious as is 🙂

You need:

1 egg

1tbs pb2

1 banana

2/3 cup egg whites

1/2 tsp baking powder


Simply mix all ingredients together well, and use for pancake/waffle batter.  Top with fruit, cinnamon, and plain greek yogurt as pictured!

Serves 1!  Double or triple the recipe as needed, enjoy!

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