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Dessert/Breakfast Buckwheat Bowl

Best thing to do with leftover grains from dinner, make it into breakfast!  This is a hearty breakfast that tastes like dessert but sticks with you like breakfast should.

In addition to cooked buckwheat groats, I added:
Chia seeds

Sunflower seeds

Pb2 powdered peanut butter (less fat)

Choc chips

Coconut shreds 

Goji berries
About a heaping teaspoon of each ingredient for about 3/4 cup cooked buckwheat. Fresh fruit, cinnamon, ricotta, or honey would also make tasty additions!
Enjoy 🙂

Buckwheat Bowl 

Yummmy! Buckwheat groats make such a hearty, nutty base for any vegan meal! Contrary to the name, buckweat is not wheat, and is gluten free.  This is a great meal going into fall, roasted root veggies and pumpkins a top the wonderfully textured buckwheat makes a fantastic texture. Pretty simple too. This dish would be good topped with avocado, green onions, seeds of choice.

You need:

-about 4 whole beets, peeled and chopped to roast

-1/2 butternut squash, chopped to roast

-4 small zuccinis (or about 2 larger ones), cut into about 1 in cubes

Spray a roasting pan with coconut or olive oil and toss you the beets and butternut squash in it. Then sprinkle with herbs. I used garlic powder, parsley, salt, pepper. 

Roast 350×45 min, adding the zucchini for the last 20min
Meanwhile, rinse your buckwheat and cook in a rice cooker, brown rice setting works well. For added flavor, substitute the water for broth of choice.

Meanwhile, briefly steam or blanch spinach. I used a little liquid aminos to flavor mine.
Then combine in a bowl, add toppings of choice listed above, and enjoy!! SO good 🙂