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Big Salad with Miso Ginger Dressing

I love eating huge salads at night, something about all the water and veggies that feels so replenishing. With hearts of palm and a tangy ginger dressing, this one is extra tasty!
You need:


Red onion

Baked sweet potato

Steamed beet 

Heart of Palm


Fresh cilantro 

1 lime

1/2 tsp ginger

1/2 tsp miso paste

1/4 avocado

Mix dressing and drizzle over salad. Enjoy!

Butter Lettuce Salad With Tangy “Honey” Mustard

Just another fresh, delicious, summer salad! My artichoke obsession persists, but now I’m super into the soft, watery, creamy texture of butter lettuce!  I should have bought more than one head, because this one was gone in one meal! Still learning how to shop for vegan eating 🙂  This salad is so good, so simple, and could easily be shared– but I ate the whole thing 🙂 Feel free to do so, nothing but nutrients here, and a fantastic way to get your greens in!
You need: 

1 head butter lettuce

2 cups mixed greens

1 red bell pepper, sliced

4 artichoke hearts chopped

1 green onion chopped
For the dressing combine :
1/2 large lemon, squeezed

1 tsp mustard 

1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar

2tsp agave sweetener

Black pepper to taste
Just toss everything together and chow down!!


Succulent Squash Salad

Here’s another simple workday lunch. This warm summer we are having makes me want lots of crisp fresh salads!  This one was delicious!
You need:

2+ cups mixed greens (i love a mix that includes both spinach and arugula)

Kabocha squash, 1/2-1 cup cubed and steamed

Red bell pepper, 1/3 sliced

1/2 cup cooked whole grain pasta of choice

Goat cheese (optional, crumbles sprinkled)

1/2 lemon juiced

1/2 avocado cubed

Kabocha seeds (Scooped out, cleaned and baked until crispy)
Toss all ingredients and enjoy out in the sun!

Strawberry Summer Squash Salad

I love combining sweet and savory. Herbs and hearty squash with the light and sweetness of ripe strawberries. While we always have great produce in Northern CA, the strawberries are boggling right now 🙂  Getting your greens never felt like such a treat with this salad.

You need:

-3 cups dark leafy greens

-1 cup chopped and steamed starchy veggies; I used white sweet potato and orange kabacho squash

-4 large strawberries chopped

-sliver of red onion and/or bell pepper

-1 large lemon for dressing

-handful walnuts

-1 tbs herbed goat cheese

-salt/pepper/parsley dashes on top
It’s salad, so combine in a bowl 🙂  With the rich flavor of the goat cheese and the herbs, I found lemon juice to be a perfect dressing by itself, (and so portable to take to work in a ziplock and then squeeze before eating) but you could incorporate balsalmic vinegar, olivie oil, etc by drizzing as well.  Enjoy!!


Bomb Lunch Salad!

Yum, this is a simple lunch salad I made last week with a mix of raw and cooked veggies. So simple, just real food veggies. No added fats, salts or anything artificial. Just yummy goodness!

You need:

2 cups mixed greens (organic girl mix)

Juice 1/2 lemon

1/3 cup roasted beets/kale (recipe Here!)

1 cup plain roasted potatoes and butternut squash (on parchment paper sans oil or salt)

1/2 red bell pepper sliced

1/2 cucumber slices

3-4 tbs fresh cilantro

Toss all ingredients and enjoy!! Preferably out in the sun 🙂



Simply Sweet Mangoes and Greens

2 ingredients, that is all I used. You could certainly doctor this one up with some sunflower seeds, cucumbers, diced tomatoes, etc. but I ate it with nothing but spinach and mangoes! Weird, but delicious in its simplicity 🙂

You need:

2 cups spinach/power greens

2-3 small ripe mangoes

Cut the fleshy “cheeks” off of each mango, and cut into cubes. Scrape off from the skin and place on top of greens in your bowl. Then cut away remaining mango flesh from sides and seed. Place these remnants in blender with 1/2 cup (or so) of water. (Alternatively you could use a nut/seed or ‘milk’ of choice). Blend until a creamy sauce results. Pour over your salad, toss and enjoy!! Tasty, summery, whole, real ingredients 😀  ❤

Yellow and Green Goddess Salad

Simple, spicy, fresh, and satisfying! Doesn’t taste as light as it is! The jalapeños and avocado make it taste rich and filling, and the lime compliments the jalapeños so nicely. Perfect meal when you want something light but satisfying, and it has so much crispy crunchiness for the texture enthusiasts like me:)

2 zucchinis spiralized thin
handful spinach or mixed greens (I love Organic Girl super greens)
1/5 large jalapeño, diced
Juice of 2 limes, 1 lemon
1/2 yellow bell pepper chopped
1/4 avocado, sliced
optional crispy chick pea toppers
(Recipe here.)

Toss all ingredients and eat. That’s it!





Citrus Quinoa Cabbage Salad!

This is a delicious, colorful vegan feast! The purple cabbage with pop of orange from the citrus and carrots, and of course plenty of greens! The creamy sauce offset by all the tangy citrus is soooo good! Don’t forget that jalapeño for a spicy kick that makes ALL foods better 🙂 Plus, you get your protein from the whole grains, your healthy fats from the avocado and the creamy sauce, and a whole lotta colorful veggies packing in vitamins and nutrients!! So simple to make, keeps in the fridge and makes a great lunch time salad! You can even serve it over some raw spinach for some extra greens for a workday lunch.

You need:
2.5 cups cooked quinoa/buckwheat, cooled

1 lime, juiced
1tbsp tahini
1tsp almond butter
1tsp peanut butter
1tsp vinegar
1tsp liquid aminos
1/4 lemon
1cutie juice
(optional add ins to your taste: garlic, sesame oil, diced ginger)

Blend or whisk your sauce together, and toss into your cooled grain medley.

Then fold in:
1/2 red cabbage sliced very fine
3 cuties cubed
1 cup carrots sliced
1/2 jalapeño diced
1/4 bell pepper diced
2 green onions sliced
1+ cup cilantro
1/2 cup basil

1/2 avocado for garnish
2TBS sunflower seeds for garnish









Apple and Onion Light and Simple Spinach Salad

Delicious, easy, healthy. Nothing but good fuel and cleansing ingredients. Packs well for the next day as the lemon juice drizzle keeps the apples from browning. This lunch will leave you feeling energized and light, rather than sluggish and heavy as you go on with the rest of your day! Can’t beat food that makes you FEEL as good as it tastes 🙂

You need:
2 cups fresh spinach
1 small red delicious apple chipped
1 sliver red onion chopped
1/2 lemon juice
Dash black pepper
Handful walnuts
Handful dried cherries
(Optional) handful crispy chick peas

Simply place clean spinach into your bowl or large portable container. Toss in all ingredients with lemon juice and black pepper last, followed only by crispy chick peas on top. Pack and go!

Recipe for crispy chick peas here.

If you need a little more than the straight lemon drizzle I use, you can drizzle some olive oil as well:) Enjoy!